Was there ever any doubt?

Everyone loves the idea that the dinosaurs are still with us. Here’s even more proof of it:

Ancient collagen—the main protein component of bone—has been extracted from the remains of a 68-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex, according to two new reports.

The new studies provide strong support for the hotly debated claims that organic material previously extracted from the T. rex’s leg bone is original dinosaur soft tissue that somehow escaped fossilization.

T. rex legbone fossil photo and illustration

Now, for the first time, scientists have obtained partial protein sequences from the soft tissue remains.

“The sequences are clearly from T. rex,” said John Asara of Harvard Medical School in Cambridge, Massachusetts, who led one of the studies.

In addition, both studies found similarities between the dino sample and the bone collagen of chickens, providing molecular support for the hypothesis that modern birds are descended from dinosaurs.

Until now the dino-bird connection has been entirely based on physical similarities in fossils’ body structures (related: “Earliest Bird Had Feet Like Dinosaur, Fossil Shows” [December 1, 2005]).

Source: Dinosaur Soft Tissue Sequenced; Similar to Chicken Proteins

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